Transparência e Governança

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who are we

Who are we

Our Mission Statement: To create a forum for discussion among investors, one that seeks to share information, promote debate and disseminate news which contributes to the improvement of corporate governance practices in Brazil and to defend the rights of minority shareholders. These are the central objectives which have led Polo Capital to create this space named Transparência e Governança (Transparency and Governance) – Information and Debate for Minority Shareholders.

We represent a group of minority shareholders who, being increasingly conscientious and organized, have sought to take an active part in discussions on the direction of companies, questioning decisions, asking for information and clarifications and, principally, encouraging regulators and market agents to demand their rights with a view to improving the corporate governance of companies and to seek  greater transparency in the Brazilian market.

Join us in this quest for transparency, justice and respect towards the relationship with shareholders. Use this website and its resources to make suggestions or accusations, lodge complaints, present new ideas and better understand the issues which currently involve publically traded companies in Brazil. Take part by sending us your comments and collaborating with information and the dissemination of ideas.


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